Retirement Income for Life

Variable Life Annuities

An annuity contract is designed to pay to the policyholder a benefit if he or she survives to a pre-established future age.

An annuity is insurance against an unusually long life. It may seem odd to insure against an event that most people would welcome. However, living a very long time would strain many people's financial resources, just as a fire which destroys their house would strain many people's finances if they didn't have fire insurance.

The benefit is paid in the form of a guaranteed income stream for the remainder of the individual's life.

Annuities can be ideal for individuals who:

  • Want the highest guaranteed income amount possible
  • Wish to help cover essential expenses in retirement
  • Are concerned about outliving their savings
  • Wish to minimize tax on their investment income
  • Value security and peace of mind
  • Want to subsidize early retirement income
  • Need income until pension and government benefits become available

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