Buy Sell Agreement Review


As a business owner there are many issues that you may be faced with that a corporately held term life insurance policy can help you overcome. As with any challenge a business faces if you are shown the right solution in advance this will insure your business’s success and in turn your success.

buy-sell1Many businesses have partners involved whether actively in the business or as a silent partner. If one was to pass it is important to the business that the business continues to run smoothly and that the business is not faced with having to be sold in what might turn into a quick sale that doesn’t get the true value of the company upon the sale. It is common for business’s to have a buy sell agreement in place and term life insurance can fund that buy sell agreement so the business is able to move forward smoothly after a death of a shareholder.

As a business owner your business is considered an asset and when you pass it will become a tax burden to your family if not properly insured. The term life insurance will provide your family with a death benefit that is tax free to the beneficiary that they can use the proceeds of the term policy to pay the capital gains taxes and any other outstanding debt that the company or they may have. This elevates any tax issues and assists them in a time of mourning that eases the burden of dealing with various issues after a loved one passes.

You have put so much into building your business it is important that what you built is not lost. Term Life Insurance is available at very affordable prices that you can’t afford to be without. We believe that business owners are knowledgeable about the importance of having adequate life insurance to provide for estate taxes (capital gains) and /or equalizing estate distribution among their family and we will provide the best possible product with the best possible price to our clients to ensure their families and business’ are well taken care of in the event of their death .



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